Lighting changes the atmosphere of a room.

I am Sasamura, a coordinator who joined the company in August.
Thank you for your cooperation.

As soon as possible, I would like to talk about lighting in this blog.
Home, office, cafe, store, etc…
Lighting is used in various aspects of life.
Stylish indirect lighting is also in vogue these days.
Various types of lighting.

What do you look for when choosing lighting?
Design and size are important, but
There are other points that are also important, and they are…

The color of the lights!

In general, there are three types of light colors to choose from

Daylight white, a bluish-white light suitable for offices, recommended for studying and working.

Warm orange light, the light bulb color that can create a moody space.

Natural light between daylight white and light bulb color, warm white

The color of the lighting alone can completely change the atmosphere of a room.
I can’t decide which one to use! If you’re not sure which one to use, you can use the following
â- We also recommend a dimming type that allows you to change the color of the lighting with a switch.â

Our model houses use various types of lighting.
I hope you will visit us!
Let RID HOUSE help you choose the right lighting for your home (#^. ^#)

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