Talk about a “niche.”

Hello everyone. I am Hanada, in charge of making drawings ⚘.

Some of you may not have heard the word “niche” used so often.
More and more houses are incorporating niches.

In this issue, we will introduce basic knowledge about such niches and ideas for their stylish use.

First of all, a “niche” is a space created by indenting part of a wall.
Generally, they are built within the thickness of the wall in locations that do not affect the structure or strength of the building.
It can be stored and displayed without protruding from the wall, so it does not interfere with daily life.
It can be a neat and clean space.

Many people create a niche in the entryway, and having a space in the entryway to keep house keys, car keys, and other items that are needed when leaving the house can be convenient and less likely to be forgotten.â

Accent cloth, stylish tiles, and downlights can be added to accent the wall surface as well as storage space.

You can create a gallery-like atmosphere not only in the living room, but also in the hallway or on the wall of the staircase ✽*.

It’s also a great place to display family photos and pet pictures 🌻.

Niches are very useful because they can be used effectively while keeping the space clear.
If you are thinking about building a house in the future, please try to incorporate it♪

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