Attractiveness of Overhangs

It has been a while! This is Kawano from sales.

Have you all heard of overhangs?

Perhaps many of you have seen them but do not know their names.

In this issue, I will talk about overhangs, and I hope you will read to the end 🌸.

Overhang” is an English word meaning “overhang,” and in architectural terms refers to “a shape in which a portion of the second floor or above protrudes outward.

It is often used when the land is too small to provide parking space or when the area of the second floor is too large.

Overhangs can serve to prevent snow from piling up like a carport, or they can accentuate the exterior, making it more fashionable!

By changing the color of the recessed area and lighting it, you can make it look more dignified and fashionable!

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