About asphalt pavement


It has become completely warm and spring has sprung.

Did everyone go to see the cherry blossoms?

It has been a while. My name is Iizuka, and I am in charge of on-site management.

The new model house in Shinkotoni is now open to the public, and many customers have visited it.

Thank you very much for visiting our booth.

Now, I would like to introduce a little bit about asphalt, which was also used in the Shinkotoni model house.

The asphalt used in this model house is called “permeable asphalt.

The official name for this product is “open grain asphalt.

☆Features ☆

Puddles are less likely to form when it rains or when snow melts.

Reduces water splashing when walking

Suitable for parking spaces and other locations where drainage is required

☆ Performance☆

Water permeability

Slip resistance

Demerit ☆ Demerit ☆ Demerit ☆ Demerit ☆ Demerit

Partial repairs are difficult.

The repaired mark is clearly visible.

The photos below show the actual construction in this model house.

The appearance is characterized by the appearance of a gravel form called aggregate on the surface.

Commonly seen on sidewalks, such as the one shown below the curb in the photo.

It’s called “dense-graded asphalt.”

It can be installed at a lower cost than open-graded asphalt.

The disadvantage is that it does not have permeability, so it is easy for puddles to form when ruts and other problems occur later on,

It is also characterized by features such as the ease of applying partial repairs.

Broadly speaking, these two types of asphalt are commonly used.

If you are considering exterior construction, I hope you will find this information useful! (^^)!

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