Different from the rest! Lid’s Houses for Sale

Hello! This is Kawano from sales!

In this issue, I will be sharing the appeal of Lid’s homes for sale ✨.

What is a for-sale housing? What are the advantages?

Houses for sale are “houses for which a large plot of land is purchased, the land is divided into lots, and the houses are built and sold one at a time. Unlike custom-built housing, the biggest advantage is that you can actually see the building and study it, so it is easy to get an image of the living environment, and you can live in it immediately.

What is the difference between a Rid subdivision and a typical house for sale?

In a typical house for sale, it is common to find houses without cupboards, curtain rails, screen doors, etc., because they are so focused on keeping the price down.

Lido homes for sale come with all of the above items, of course! We give you everything that is displayed in the homes for sale, including TVs, sofas, and interior goods, so you can install a washing machine and refrigerator and you are so well-equipped that you can live in the house, which is by far the least expensive cost separate from the housing.

Lid Facilities

Kitchens~~~ All faucets used in our homes for sale are touchless faucets, so water can be easily dispensed even when hands are dirty or both hands are full. In addition, the kitchen is equipped with rear storage, so you can create a clean and clear space without having to worry about storage.

Unit bath~~ A 1.25 tsubo type unit bath, which is wider than the usual type, is used. The large washing area allows for a relaxing bathing experience even when bathing with children.

If you read this blog and are at all interested, we invite you to visit one of Lid’s homes for sale!

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