Don’t forget the furniture and appliances…

I am Yamada, in charge of drawing creation.

At RID, when we build a house, the first thing we do is listen to the customer’s needs.

It is the drawing that you make. It is the floor plan.

I wish I had a bigger living room.

I want a Japanese style room too.

What kind of interior style should I choose?

I am sure that they will solidify their own ideals by looking at housing magazines.

But wait a minute: !!!!!!!!

That, of course, is also very important.

We want you to think about the furniture and appliances you will use in your new home.

↑For example, when you put a refrigerator in this floor plan.

Will this route get us in…? The question arises.

↑upIf you have a large family and want to put in a big fridge…

It is possible that the space with the kitchen is too small and difficult.

Incidentally, this customer has provided us with information on the refrigerator he plans to purchase in advance.

He told me and the problem has been solved!

What size will you use and what will you put in that room?

(I’ll put the piano down! And so on!)

It is a lot to think about and a lot of work,

If you tell us at the beginning, there will be no wasted space.

Please be a little conscious of this as we believe your unique new home will be born.

We will think together about even the smallest matter, so feel free to do so without hesitation!

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