Actually, it’s new.

Nice to meet you, I am Asada.
I am in charge of coordinator and website management, etc.

I would like to talk about our company.

As you may know from reading here, our company is
Originally, we were a company that distributed flyers called “posting.

In the midst of all this, we launched a construction department last year.
We are struggling as a RID HOUSE.

Also, this year Lid celebrated its 30th anniversary.
More and more employees
The office is over capacity.

Therefore, we are currently

New office under construction!

Construction is steadily underway for completion in April.

Many contractors are working hard in the cold weather.

Spacious office, clean meeting space.
We are now looking forward to the day when we can welcome our guests.

We hope to unveil it here as well when it is completed.

Until the completion of the project, we will talk about the progress of the site and the images of the interior design.
We will be happy to do so.

We are still in the midst of cold weather.
Please take care of yourselves.

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