The First Gateway to Housing Planning

Nice to meet you, hello.

My name is Sato, and I assist our clients in all aspects of housing, including consultation on construction plans and management of new construction sites.


In this issue, we will talk about “land”, which is the first concern when considering a new house.

When it comes to land, there are many particulars and problems that arise when you start looking for land, and most of our customers are unable to make a decision.

I want a big plot of land and a garden.”

I want to be near a park.”

I want to be close to work or school.”

Many dreams and ideals spring to mind for the housing project that is about to begin, but it is surprisingly difficult to find the ideal land…


That’s where we come in!

I believe that land, like people, is a matter of chance.

Some people search for years and never find it, while others find it quickly.

Depending on the location of the land, there may be difficult rules and procedures to follow.

So, if you contact us, we will help you build your ideal home, give you advice, and eliminate your worries and doubts, and you will definitely be one step closer to your dream home!

If you’re thinking about owning your own home, we’d love to hear from you!

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