laundry room

In this issue, we will introduce you to the laundry room in Asahikawa’s Nagayama model!

A laundry room is literally a “room for drying clothes.
A room where you can wash, dry, iron, fold, and put away all in one place. !!!!

In Hokkaido, it is not possible to dry outside in winter.
I highly recommend this time of year because you don’t have to worry about hay fever or sudden rain 👍👍.

Most importantly, it’s very easy because you don’t have to move heavy laundry upstairs to the balcony or to another room 😊😊.

By having a bath and laundry room on the second floor, it would not be a hassle to take folded laundry to each person’s room!
Click here to see the detailed floor plan of Nagayama model Nagayama Model

If you are thinking about housing in the future, please take a look 😊.

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