Many houses for sale are under construction!

It’s been a while!

Sato will be in charge of this blog this time!

We currently have 9 buildings under construction and scheduled to start construction, and they will be completed one by one every month starting next month, and we are planning to start sales events with completed properties next weekend!

Therefore, we would like to introduce some of them to you.

Hassamu Subdivision (1) Scheduled interior view (to be completed in August)
Kita-46jo Subdivision Exterior view planned (to be completed in August)
Shinbassamu Subdivision (1) Scheduled interior view (scheduled to be completed in 9)
Shinbassamu Subdivision (2) Interior view schedule (scheduled for completion in September)
Hassamu Subdivision 2: Interior view (scheduled for completion in October)

As shown above, we hope you will enjoy the variety of tastes in our homes for sale, which have been put together by our dedicated coordinators.

We hope that customers who are considering housing, or who are thinking of considering housing in the future, will take a look at it!

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