New office building nearing completion

Hello. It has been a while, Asada here.

We’re updating our office before! It has been a little over two months since I posted
We are nearing the end of April and the office is almost finished.

I was going to post a photo of the process in progress.
It’s been a few more days than I expected, and it’s already finished! And then I thought
I will not be able to post pictures until after it is completed.

We apologize to those who were expecting us….

Near completion means moving in.

Preparing to move while working is quite a physical challenge.
Once again, I was reminded of this.

If you are building a house, you should also have a meeting with the housing
You must prepare for the move while also doing your work and household chores.

It’s hard just to think about it.

Tips for preparing for a move, that is.

First things first, get what you need!!!!

Corrugated cardboard
Gummed tape (cloth tape is recommended)
Cushioning materials such as newspapers, petit pouch, etc.
Cutter, scissors
Plastic bags, rubber bands, Ziplocs, etc.
Tools such as screwdrivers
Cleaning Tools
Masking tape (useful for temporarily fixing cables of household appliances)
etcetera, etcetera

Second, pack more and more stuff, starting with things you don’t normally use.

I’m sure you have no idea where to start packing, too much baggage, lack of motivation, etc.
Let’s start by packing things that you don’t usually use.
Don’t forget to write on the cardboard boxes filled with your belongings the details of the contents and the name of the room where they will be placed.

Third, take care of valuables yourself.

Some people pack passbooks and other documents in cardboard boxes.
Since it is possible for valuables to be lost during the move, it is recommended that valuables be carried in hand luggage.

When I was packing again, I found many nostalgic items such as photo albums and notebooks.
I think we sometimes get stuck in our memories.

Such time is fun, but be careful, because it goes on and on.

Don’t forget to sign contracts for lifeline systems such as electricity, water, and gas, which are often forgotten.

Please take care of yourself and your health during this time of some environmental changes in the new year.

Until next update.

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