How to recommend your ideal home

Knowing the home building process in advance is very important for a smooth home building process, so we will briefly explain this process!

Building a home involves many processes, large amounts of money, and the involvement of many people. In addition, there is a long period of time between the signing of the contract and the delivery of the house, so if you don’t know the process beforehand, you will only feel anxious, and what should be a fun-filled experience of building your ideal home will not be so 💦.

The house-building process can be roughly divided into the following steps: catalog request, appointment for visit or visit to our office, consultation and proposal of a plan, estimate, contract, start of construction, completion, and handover.

Request a catalog or make a reservation for a visit to our office.

Please request information materials and catalogs from the architectural firms you like through their websites and SNS, and make an appointment to visit a model house or a company that you would like to talk to. Please check the atmosphere of the company or model house and the compatibility with the salesperson in charge of the project.

Consultation and plan proposal

If you find an architectural firm that you actually like, ask them to propose a plan, or if you haven’t found a land, ask them to propose a land, and make love to them a little further to create your ideal house.

Quotations and Contracts

If you have an ideal floor plan or a house for sale that you like, we can provide you with a concrete estimate and a financial plan that will allow you to live comfortably, and if you can imagine what it will be like to actually live in the house, you will want to entrust it to this architectural firm! If you feel that you can actually live in the house and want to entrust it to this architectural firm, you will finally be able to sign a contract🎊.

Construction started and completed

If it is a custom-built house, you will be working with a coordinator to decide on wallpaper, flooring, lighting, and many other things.

You will go to the showroom to check the actual bathrooms and toilets and have meetings to create your ideal home.


Once construction is successfully completed and various inspections have been conducted, it is time to move into your ideal home!

It may have been difficult to have many meetings and to think about the flow of money, etc., but now we are ready to start a wonderful life in our shiny new home! (^_-)-☆☆

Since each architectural firm has its own way of proceeding, and each customer is as different as the residents themselves, why don’t you first check with the architectural firm to see how they proceed, and then try to have meetings in a style that suits you?

Lid House also offers customized meetings, so please feel free to contact us first. m(__)m

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