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Hello everyone, I’m Hanada, your drawing supervisor.

The floor of the house is also the place that touches the skin every day.
Like the walls, it makes up a large part of the atmosphere of the house.
The color and texture of the floor can completely change the atmosphere ()

So, in this issue, we will discuss the types of flooring materials for your home and what to look for when selecting them.
I would like to talk to you.

There are many different types of flooring materials.

Cushion floor
three-fold mat

There are two types offlooring: solid wood andplywood.
Solid wood is a single piece of flooring made from natural wood.
You can feel the soft texture and warmth of wood.
However, because it is natural wood, it is easily scratched and stained with water or oil.
It has characteristics that make it difficult to remove and may discolor.
However, I think you will enjoy the tasteful aging and beautification as time goes by.

Solid wood flooring is very attractive because of its soothing appearance and texture.

Plywood flooring is the typical flooring used in most homes.

It is made by gluing together multiple boards, and the surface of the layered plywood is
Laminated materials such as printed sheets and natural wood slices are attached.
It can be made to look as good as real wood with printed sheets, or it can be made to look as good as real wood with printed sheets,
A wide variety of colors are produced, so colors that are difficult to produce with natural wood can also be produced.
For example, we have pet-friendly flooring for homes with dogs and cats.
The non-slip finish and scratch- and stain-resistant sheet on the surface make it easy to clean and secure.

As you can see, the characteristics of the same flooring can vary considerably.
It will be easier to make a decision if you consider what is most important to you.

Next, cushion flooring.
This is another flooring material commonly used in homes.
The vinyl surface material is lined with a cushioning material, so it has moderate elasticity.
It is characterized by less fatigue in the legs and back.
In addition, the vinyl surface makes it water-resistant, stain-resistant, and easy to clean (*^^*).
For this reason, cushion floors are often used in areas prone to staining, such as around water.

Tiles have a strong image of being used for house entrances and earthen floors.
Of course, it can also be used for home interiors.
It is resistant to oil and water and has a luxurious appearance.
However, many of them inevitably become chilly and cold in the wintertime.
I would like to check once to see if it is inconvenient before deciding whether to adopt it or not.

I think it is common for carpets to be laid on the floor.
Recently, it is increasingly used as a flooring material.
It is soft to the touch and warm to the touch.
In some cases, a portion of the living room is carpeted, or a bedroom is carpeted.

I recommend it because it looks and feels massive.

Tatami is very familiar in Japan and creates a relaxing space.
It can be used as a playground for children in a family with children, or as a place to put a futon on the floor and sleep together.
More and more people are turning part of their living rooms into tatami corners.
It is a very comfortable flooring material that feels cool to the touch in the summer and cool in the winter.

As you can see, each flooring material has its own characteristics(^o^)/.
If you use the flooring material that is appropriate for the room and use it in a way that makes the best use of its characteristics.
Wouldn’t it make your home more comfortable? (*^^*)

Why don’t you create a beautiful home at RIDHOUSE?
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