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Hello everyone.

This year will start next weekend in no time! Golden Week will start from next weekend!


So, if you haven’t decided where to go yet I’m sure you have a destination in mind!

Oh, yeah, You there!

We invite you to visit the RID HOUSE model house and

High performance High performance High performance and high airtightness and dramatically lower heating and cooling costs.


In the model house currently on display in Asahikawa, which we hope you will visit this time, YUCACO System YUCACO system is installed in the model house on display in Asahikawa, which we hope you will visit this time.  (Asahikawa Nagayama Model House N-25 – RID HOUSE ( ))

We have already introduced the beauty of the YUCACO system on our website, but we would like to introduce the YUCACO system to you as well.

   *Refer to (1) Comfortable whole house air conditioning YUCACO system with one air conditioner – RID HOUSE (

   *Reference 2) Rid Corporation Asahikawa Model House N-25 (


This time, RID HOUSE, which supports the YUCACO system, boasts High performance and High airtightness I would like to talk about airtightness, which is one of the most important features of the YUCACO system!


When I heard explanations at various housing companies, I found that even the websites of housing manufacturers known for their high performance High thermal insulation (Ua value 0.25), is not the insulation performance strongly explained?

Of course, at RID HOUSE, we will also explain the high insulation and performance values. Naturally, insulation with a Ua value of 0.25 or higher is a standard specification and the performance value is also

In fact, however, there are some points that are just as important, if not more important, than insulation performance airtightness is the airtightness!

To use an analogy, that famous brand of down jackets!

It is lightweight, warm, and everyone loves it, but who would wear a high-performance down jacket and leave the front open when walking around?


While the Hokkaido standard states that a gap area of 2.0㎠ or less per 1.0 m2 (2.0㎠/m2) is a high airtight house

RID HOUSE has conducted airtightness measurements twice in all the buildings, We measure airtightness twice in every building, and the construction standard is 0.2㎠/㎡ or less, which is 1/10 of the standard! RID HOUSE has twice conducted airtightness measurements in all of its buildings!

This is only a gap smaller than a pencil, 0.44 cm square to 1.0ⅿ square

The house is so airtight that you can hardly feel any gaps.

Warm heating air in the winter and cool cooling air in the summer can be used to reduce utility costs without wasting air!

No other company can match our experience High performance Highly high airtight In addition to housing

High quality, nice and best homes with unbelievable utility costs.

RID HOUSE promises to provide you with a proposal!

Reservation for Model House Tour – RID HOUSE (

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