Miscellaneous (iii)

October 23, Monday.
On this day in 2001 (local time), Apple introduced the iPod, a portable digital music player. It was released at $399 and sold like hotcakes. It was released for $399 and sold like hotcakes.

The simple yet stylish design, unified in silver, gives a smart impression, doesn’t it? Just having it in your hand makes you feel good, doesn’t it? I think it is important to have a good “sense” of design, which includes, well, some things you are born with, but it is also important to have many opportunities to come in contact with stylish and sophisticated things.

Do you have a lot of exposure to quality things? It is quite important to do so, such as reading good books and appreciating great art.
Let’s not just live a life filled to the brim with the daily grind. Time is not a matter of “having” or “not having,” but of making it. Let’s do our best today, while also making sure that we have enough time to do our work.

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