At last, snow⛄ has begun to accumulate in Sapporo, and winter is in full swing!

So, isn’t it the cost of utilities that you are concerned about?

Among them, we will tell you about “electricity rates,” which everyone is sure to use.


Did you know that “unit price of fuel adjustment cost” and “unit price of surcharge for renewable energy generation” are added to electricity bills in addition to electricity charges?

The amount varies depending on the contract plan, but the unit price of fuel adjustment cost has more than doubled in the past six months (1.40 yen in April and 3.66 yen in November), and the ceiling price set by the government will be abolished in December 2022 and is expected to exceed 9.00 yen.

Changes in fuel cost adjustment unit price from April 2022 onward (in the case of metered supply)

Changes in fuel cost adjustment unit price from April 2022 onward (in the case of metered supply)

*Hokuden Enemor quotation

Therefore, as a measure to cope with power shortages this fiscal year, the government has decided to award a uniform 2,000 yen worth of points to households that participate in power-saving programs offered by various electric power companies.

The number of participants in the power saving points offered by each electric power company exceeded 1 million households at the end of July.

Hokuden also has a winter power saving program campaign (Hokuden Winter Power Saving Program – Hokuden Enemor ( ), and Softbank’s SB Power has been promoting the introduction of power saving points for some time, with about 500,000 households, or one quarter of all subscribers, participating.

However, even though the number of households has exceeded 1 million, it is only about 2% of the total, since the total number of households in Japan is 53.4 million.


Introduction of power-saving methods

Air Conditioning The Ministry of the Environment’s website announces that raising the temperature setting for cooling by 1°C in summer reduces power consumption by about 13% %、冬の暖房の設定温度を1℃低くすると約10% power consumption by %、冬の暖房の設定温度を1℃低くすると約10%.

Refrigerator Overstuffing the refrigerator or putting hot food in it as it is will consume extra energy to cool it down.

Television When turning off the television, turn off the main power rather than using the remote control to turn it off.


We hope that everyone will take it easy and enjoy saving electricity.

If you’d like to know more, just ask our model home staff!


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