A stylish space with a “drop ceiling!”

The most common places you see lowered ceilings are kitchens and bedrooms, don’t you think?

Kitchens and bedrooms are places that do not require much ceiling height.
You can easily arrange your space in a stylish way (*^^*)

Especially when the kitchen is side by side with the dining table.
It is recommended to put it all together and make it look more beautiful with a drop ceiling.

Since ceilings are often based on white as a basic color, a drop ceiling can be made of a different color or material.
It is important to make the best of it.

The “drop ceiling” changes the atmosphere and creates a stylish space at once.

In the bedroom, indirect lighting is incorporated into the drop ceiling so that the lights do not directly hit your eyes when you lie in bed.
It will be even more stylish, comfortable, and relaxing.

The “drop ceiling” can be used well for a specific location without modifying the floor plan.
It’s an easy way to change the atmosphere of your home! For places where you want to change the atmosphere a little!
Consider a lowered ceiling… ♪

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