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Hello! My name is Abe from the Sales Department.

February 26, SundayThere are only three days left in February. The cold weather (which is still severe) seems to have eased up a bit.
On this day in 1852, Dr. John Harvey Kellogg was born. The name probably rings a bell with many people. He is the medical doctor who co-founded the Kellogg Company, well known for its cereal (generic name for cereal) food cornflakes, with his brother.
Cereal food was originally made as a food for the sick, but they made a mistake and dried it crumbly, which was quite popular and led them to market it as “Corn Flakes”. So this food was originally born from a failed product.

Many things are born from such failures and discoveries and remain for posterity. Perhaps we, too, may have found a great invention in something we failed and neglected. It is important to take action, even if it is a failure.
Let’s take action first in order to have the important “experience” of failure today.

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