~The house I want

Hello everyone! This is Iwase from sales!

What should you do when you want a house in this issue? We will answer the question, “What should I do when I want a house?

First, let me tell you something very important!

In conclusion, “Why do you want the house?” is to be clear.

That’s a given!” I think most of you think so.

The most common reasons we hear for wanting a house are “my family is growing,” “it’s too hard to commute,” “I’m getting married,” etc., but these aren’t the real reasons!

Why? Because “taking action is an act to solve a problem”.

In other words,

I want to get a house and get rid of ________! …so I want a house!”

I think it is a good idea.

For example.

I want to have my own room because I don’t have my own space.

In this case, “have your own room” solves the problem.

Just the same content.

I want to have dinner in a spacious living room or dining room.

In this case, “large living room, large dining room” will solve the problem.

Thus, the same problem can be solved differently for different people.

Furthermore, it is important to note that there is more than one reason to “want it!”

Because of the complexity of multiple reasons, each one must be considered separately.

I want to put that on! I want to incorporate this! We are sure that you have numerous requests, so why not start by putting together all of your ideals?

Next, we would like you to think about your own reasons why you want it.

Then you will be able to see what you want to solve and prioritize your requests so that you can gradually see the house you want!

Then you can tell Lid, “I want a house! Because…” and tell us what you want solved!

As professional home builders, we will lead your dream into shape!

We are looking forward to receiving your “wants”.

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