Replacement of appliances💭.

It’s a worrisome time to buy a new large appliance 💭.

I thought it was still usable, but suddenly it broke and I rushed to buy a new one.

What an experience!

This sudden expense is quite painful 💬.

So the advantage of replacing appliances in advance ⇩.

*You can buy the model and color you want.

*Cheaper season/closing season can reduce expenses.

*Not be confused by sudden expenses.

*By buying energy-efficient products, electricity bills are much lower.

The lifespan of an appliance depends on the item, but it is usually around 10 years.

Power consumption increases with age.

Comparing models from 10 years ago with those of today, power consumption has been greatly reduced

Even if the monthly electricity bill is reduced by a few thousand yen, the annual electricity bill is reduced by 100,000 yen…

Electricity is expensive these days, so rather than continuing to pay expensive electricity bills

I feel it would be more beneficial to use a clean new model with a lower electric bill.

How old are your current appliances and how energy efficient are they?

You might want to review it once.

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