The allure of gray ✨✨

Recently, we have been receiving an increasing number of requests from clients to use gray cloth (wallpaper).
Some use it for accents, some for main use, and some for various other purposes.

It can be adapted to all tastes, so even beginners will not miss much.
However, because it is not a gorgeous color, it tends to give a subdued and unrefined impression, and it is surprisingly difficult to make it look fashionable (-_-;).

In this article, we will show you how to choose a gray cloth that won’t fail.

There are many types of gray, depending on lightness, darkness, and hue.
There are three main types of gray: light gray, middle gray, and dark gray 🧐.

Light gray is a light gray with bluish tints and is characterized by its freshness and softness. It gives a sense of lightness and lightness to a room, and is recommended for small rooms or dark rooms that do not get much sunlight.

Middle gray is neither too light nor too dark, and is the color that gives the strongest impression of the simplicity and calmness that gray possesses. It is easy to coordinate with any interior, especially simple interiors.

Dark gray gives a stylish and stately impression. The color is not as strong as black, so it is recommended when you want to tighten up a space while still retaining a relaxed feel. It goes well with modern, classic, and mannish interiors where you want to coordinate a cool look.

By changing the color of the gray to match your taste 🏠 you can create a unified space☺.
If you are considering a 🏠 home, please contact Lid for more information. We can offer you a lot of suggestions. ☺.

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