🌸2022 Residential information for sale Spring Edition🌸

Hello. This is Sato from the Sales Department!

This year Sapporo has experienced unusually heavy snowfall and we are anxiously waiting for the snow to melt.

And as spring rolls around, the housing industry finally gets its new construction starts underway!

So, we would like to give you a preliminary look at the homes for sale we have planned for this year!

This year, we plan to build a total of 20 homes for sale!

The first of these…

   New spring, 7 buildings to be built!!!!

 The photo is an image only.

1-3. 3 buildings, Hassamu 4jo 1-chome, Nishi-ku, Tokyo

 7 min walk from JR Hassamu Chuo Station 🚉10 min walk from Hassamu Elementary School

4. Hassamu 7jo 5-chome, Nishi-ku, Tokyo 1 building

 🚉JR Hassamu Chuo Station 6 min walk 🏫Hassamu West Elementary School 12 min walk

5.5 Hachiken 9jo Higashi 1-chome, Nishi-ku, Tokyo 1 building

 🚉JR Hachiken Station Hachiken Station 6 min walk 🏫 Kototoi Central Elementary School 5 min walk

6-7. Shinkotoni 7jo 16-chome, Kita-ku, Tokyo 2 bldg.

 🚉JR Shinkotoni Station Chuo Bus + 15 min walk 🏫Shinkotoni Nishi Elementary School 13 min walk

The floor plans and interiors of each property are being reviewed by our architects and coordinators,

Coming soon!

Last year’s homes for sale were well received, and we often have contracts signed immediately after completion, so please be sure to check back soon.

If you’re interested in more info, etc., contact me ASAP!!!!

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