The last tour of the year☆☆.

We will hold this event at Hassamu HS-16 and Shinkotoni SN-21 at the same time on Dec. 3.4!

Here’s an exterior perspective of HS-16 for sale in Hassamu!

It is very well located, 7 minutes walk from Hassamu Chuo Station and 8 minutes walk from the supermarket.

The interior has a warm image with the warmth of wood, and the living room is on the second floor, so you can relax and enjoy your private time without worrying about your surroundings!

Address: 2-1-45 Hassamu 5-jo 2-chome, Nishi-ku, Sapporo

Land: 87.42 m2 (26.44 tsubo)

Building: 134.16㎡(40.50 tsubo) *4LDK, 3 floors

Price: 54,500,000 (tax included)

*There are two adjacent buildings for sale that are also available for viewing!

Here’s SN-21 for sale in Shinkotoni!

Couldn’t get a photo in time, but here’s an interior perspective!

The interior is a second floor living room with white wood grain flooring, a dark sofa, and eco-carat on the wall behind the TV for a stylish look!

Address: 6-10, Shinkotoni 7jo 16-chome, Kita-ku, Sapporo

Land: 123.89 m2 (37.47 tsubo)

Building: 92.46㎡(27.91 tsubo)*3LDL, 2 floors

Price: 48.4 million (including tax)

*There is one building for sale adjacent to the property, which is also available for viewing!

This will be the last tour of the year! Come and experience the “one-of-a-kind special space” of Ridghouse!

The entire staff looks forward to serving you!

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