Houses for Sale Latest Information 🏠.

Hello. This is Sato from the Sales Department!

This time, we would like to share with you some information about the three new houses for sale in Hassamu 4-jo 1-chome that we have previously introduced!

Interior image (Building A)

◎Hassamu Subdivision Building A (4LDK)

 Land area: 87.93 m2 / approx. 26.59 tsubo

 Building area: 135.80 m2 / approx. 41.0 tsubo

         Above area includes carport.

Exterior image (Building B)


  Building B (4LDK)

   Land area: 87.42 m2 / 26.44 tsubo

   Building area: 134.16 m2/40.5 tsubo

          Above area includes carport.

Interior image (Building C)

◎Hassamu Subdivision C (4LDK)

 Land area: 88.48 m2 / approx. 26.76 tsubo

 Building area: 135.99 m2/41.06 tsubo

        Above area includes carport.

This time, all three buildings will be three-story structures with built-in carports!

In addition to being conveniently located within a 10-minute walk to Hassamu Chuo Station, supermarkets, and elementary schools, all of the apartments have spacious 4LDK layouts, and we believe we can offer a design quality that other companies cannot match.

Although completion is scheduled for around October, we will provide details as soon as they are finalized, so please stay tuned!

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