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  • Open house at Shinkotoni model house and Hassamu 14jo subdivision at the same time!

Open house at Shinkotoni model house and Hassamu 14jo subdivision at the same time!

*This tour has ended.

The weather has been pleasant recently, how is everyone doing?

This time, at Shinkotoni Model House and Hassamu 14jo Subdivision

Custom-built housing information session
Sale of houses for sale
will be held simultaneously at !!!! Please visit our website for more information.


Date: July 9 (Sat.), 10 (Sun.) 10:00-17:00
Location ①: Sapporo, Japan

750-65, Shinkotoni 8-jo 15-chome, Kita-ku, Sapporo

 (11-minute walk from Shinkotoni 8-jo 11-chome bus stop by Hokkaido Chuo Bus)
Location ②: Sapporo

3-4-18 Hassamu 14-jo 3-chome, Nishi-ku, Sapporo

 (18-minute walk from Hassamu Chuo Station on the JR Hakodate Main Line)

Only for customers who visit the show and follow our instagram,
We are giving away MUJI beauty oil. ✨
One per couple is limited. Please note that the number is limited.


I want to build a custom home, but I don’t know about a loan.
I would like a house for sale, but there are many different houses and I don’t know what the difference is.
And so on, and so on… The worries abound.
If so, please come to this open house.

Our sales representatives will do their best to explain everything to your satisfaction ❢❢❢❢.

Why don’t you spend the coming hot summer in a cool house?
In spite of these times, we are prepared to welcome you with full preparedness by taking infection control measures.

We hope you will experience RID HOUSE housing.
We look forward to seeing you all at the exhibition.

In order to ensure that visitors can visit the exhibition safely, we pay careful and thorough attention to hygiene at the venue, including staff wearing masks, regular ventilation, and maintaining a certain distance from visitors. We also ask for the cooperation of visitors in disinfecting their hands and wearing masks. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and ask for your understanding and cooperation.



Tomioka Display house is on sale at a significant discount