Easy flow of housework
Chic, hotel-like new residence


I thought about a two-story house at my wife's request because a two-bedroom house is too small for raising a child, and there are likely to be more children in the future. Since I like chic and modern styles, I visited a model house and was interested in the particulars of the interior design, which is not common in Tokachi, and decided on Rid. We asked them to focus on the balance between an extraordinary feeling and practicality.

comfort (in living place)

I used to go out a lot on weekends and holidays, but now I spend more time at home because the space is more to my liking and I feel more mentally relaxed. The building process was full of dreams and hopes! It was so much fun to share it with my family. Being able to share that with my family has made our family atmosphere even better. We are now living happily in our new house. We are planning to have our second child, so we are grateful to Lid for the good timing of the new house.