Open, chic and mature space
Indirect lighting is also an attractive feature of the new house.


With the support of the land, I began to think about housing because I found the apartment I was living in at the time very cold and even more inconvenient due to the noise. After deciding that I wanted to build a house, I visited many different companies. I was not attracted to any of them, but when I found out about Rid House by requesting information from SUUMO, I decided to go with Rid because it looked very stylish and nice and was very close to our image. We had a lot of meetings with the theme of a house that we would never get tired of, that would be stylish, have a lot of storage space, and be different from others in terms of originality.

comfort (in living place)

All of our wishes for more storage, a unified and stylish design, and a more open living room were fulfilled.
We all have more time to relax in the dining room and try to keep things clean without making a mess. Most importantly, I enjoy being at home more. It's warm even in the middle of winter, and I don't have to worry about outside noise, and it's great and easy to use. I am very grateful to have had many meetings with the sales person in charge, the site supervisor, and the coordinator to create this house together.