A luxurious space filled with attention to detail
Housing that combines design and functionality


We still could not find a manufacturer that we liked, so we visited Rid model house because we liked the atmosphere and design of the interior on SNS and other sites. We decided to build with RID because we both liked the atmosphere of the model house and it was within our budget! We were also very interested in the taste of the interior design, so we decided to go with RID. I was also looking for a good sense of interior design, so Lido was the right choice for me!

comfort (in living place)

We had a lot of fun building the house. I am very satisfied. It is more comfortable than I had imagined! The circular flow line was created for ease of housework movement. The smoothness of housework is completely different from the previous house. It has been a little over a month since we started living in the house. Housework, which is usually a bit tedious, has become fun!