Modern, clean and luxurious space


We knew we wanted a house from the time we got married, but we couldn't find land, and the land we finally found was of a special shape. Several companies turned me down, saying it would be difficult to build. Then I found RID on SUUMO and they said, "Yes, we can do it. Also, as I am also in the construction business, I wanted to make the entrance wider! I want the living room to be spacious! I also expressed a variety of requests, such as a spacious living room, a spacious washbasin, etc.

comfort (in living place)

I moved in last summer and this is my first winter, but the warmth when I come home is much different. It was great that RID gave us quite a lot of suggestions during the meeting. Like the eco-carat we used for the vanity, they presented us with multiple ideas and we were able to choose the one we wanted. The sales person suggested the floor plan, and the on-site person suggested things we couldn't figure out ourselves, such as the location of the heating unit. Thank you very much.