Nice to meet you🌸

Nice to meet you! I’m Kawano, new to the sales department since February! I will be updating my blog starting today. I’ll get right to it, but there’s a lot of charm and attention to detail that you can’t get from just our website or brochures, so I’m going to introduce you to it based on our homes for sale! Lighting for a more fashionable...

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Speaking of fall, ..,

Hello! I’m coordinator, Onee!!! (^O^) How is everyone doing in the pleasant temperatures of September? ✨ When you think of autumn, what do you think of? In the fall of reading, I sometimes want to read novels and other books.They say fall is perfect for reading because the temperatures are cooler and the nights are cooler and darker earlier!They say fall is better in the...

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8 things not to do during the Obon period

It’s that hot time of year again! Have you made memorial services for your ancestors? Now, this is the time of year when people gather for something, but did you know that there are some things that are not supposed to be done during the Obon period? So today, we would like to make a little announcement for your reference. What not to do during...

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