Gentle space with white as the base color
Long-awaited new house within budget


We had been looking at various companies and lots for about two years when we started looking for a house, but we were about to give up on the idea of a custom-built house when our search for a lot did not go well. As we talked with the person in charge, our stereotypes about custom-built houses were rapidly overturned, and what made us most happy was that we realized that we could build a custom-built house even within our budget. We found a good piece of land in the area we were looking for, and we quickly changed our mind from giving up on the idea of looking for a ready-built house to a custom-built house. We are very happy that we were able to build a house to our liking after many meetings.

comfort (in living place)

My wife loves the kitchen area and says the dishwasher is very convenient. The kitchen also has a kitchenette, which is easy to use. All of our requests were accommodated while staying within our budget, and the living comfort is very comfortable. We are grateful to have found Lid.