Trust in the careful and thoughtful response of the client.
Convincing new house with convenient housekeeping and storage


I liked Rid's design overwhelmingly after looking at social networking sites, etc. I made my decision after listening carefully to what he had to say about construction methods, after-sales service, etc. In the drawings for the meeting, we were shown a perspective of the interior, but it looked like an actual photograph. The person in charge of the project explained to us before we signed the contract that if we didn't have this level of perspective, we were sure to have problems after the project was completed, such as, "It's not what we expected. After the contract was signed, we changed the color of the flooring and other details in the perspective drawing many times during the meetings, and the perspective drawing that we thought was perfect was completed. The actual finished product was no different from the perspective, and I was very impressed.

Impressions on home construction

I am really grateful to Lido. The project was completed with a satisfactory design, and the person in charge and coordinator came from Sapporo to Kushiro for every meeting. I enjoyed building my home because I trusted their careful work process.